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​​Alpha Kappa Psi is Nebraska's oldest and most premier business fraternity. Membership in Alpha Kappa Psi is so much more than a fraternity. It is a community of motivated and passionate individuals focused on improving themselves amongst close friends. These personal relationships will provide you endless opportunities to enhance your resume and build an essential network for the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a nationally recognized business organization, Alpha Kappa Psi offers business-related, social and philanthropic opportunities that complement your experience as a University of Nebraska student. Our fraternity is comprised of diverse students with a variety of backgrounds, interests and aspirations, and we strive to excel throughout our college career.

No! Although many of our members are pursuing business-related majors, Alpha Kappa Psi accepts all majors. We believe that a keen sense of business is important in all fields. Our members are concentrating in a variety of fields and are pursuing an equal diverse range of career paths and opportunities. What unites us as an organization is that we all hold the same drive for professional and business success.

Mandatory requirements for the pledging process include attendance at weekly meetings. While the pledging process is at times very rigorous, what you put into our organization is likely what you will get out of it. The resources and opportunities within our organization are vast, and you will be given every opportunity to grow as a leader, business professional, and brother.

The members of Alpha Kappa Psi pride themselves on being hard working and organized individuals. As a professional organization, it is a top priority of our members to maintain the highest academic standard. At no time will you be asked to put pledging or a social lifestyle before your academics.


Development Interacting with the most enthusiastic and hardworking people on campus pushes you to be your best self
Friendship The people you meet will go on to be your closest friends, roommates, study buddies, and everything in between
Leadership From the beginning you will be able to lead within your pledge class and eventually within the brotherhood
Network No other organization's alumni have a better opportunity to help you turn your dream job into a reality