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letter from the president

The band performs at a Nebraska basketball game.

My fellow brothers, the start of the new decade marks a major transition for our Zeta Chapter. Together we have created something. Something very much worth creating, a growing community of motivated and successful individuals constantly pushing each other to continue improving. I ask the chapter to now turn its efforts towards fostering the community we have successfully built.


All of us, being individuals from a diverse range of majors and colleges, are bound together by our vows to the organization that each of us made upon initiation. The five core values we pledged ourselves to strive to uphold include Brotherhood, Integrity, Knowledge, Unity, and Service. Each has their place in our daily lives but one sticks out to me as a symbol explaining why our chapter finds itself on the doorstep of being a powerhouse college organization.

Unity. Can be defined as the state of forming a complete and pleasing whole. The chapter is a living, thriving, thing. It is held together not by any individual. Nor any formal recognition by another institution. This growing and vibrant community of ours is held together by each and every member’s willingness to develop themselves further and hold one another accountable.

Each individual wields the capacity to make lasting impacts upon all things in their lives. This includes specific brothers’ lives, our chapter’s history, the college of business, and even the campus itself. Unsurprisingly, it is difficult to truly bring about change on a large scale; it is therefore understood that through our value of Unity that our efforts may be combined, resulting in a louder voice possessed by the chapter itself. Our combined voices can bring about change on campus as we reach a wider number of students, develop relationships with faculty and staff, and graduate to our various industries.

Jack Straka